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Giving back

Together we can make big changes - you make a purchase, we'll make a donation.

Alongside spreading a message of empowering fashion, Antoninias has also had a long-standing goal of starting a non-profit organization that assists in aiding ill children while continuing to empower women from around the world. In an effort to shine a light on these efforts and provide it with the resources it requires in making a difference, a percentage of all sales from Antoninias will be donated to the success of this organization.

It’s the goal of the organization to create a global campaign that spreads awareness of equality, helps children to see a better tomorrow and encourages them to do best for the future of our world. Everyone is born equal and deserves a chance, and that is the core value behind this movement. In supporting this mission, Antoninias will be starting to share inspiring life stories from women across the globe and the diverse and empowering perspectives they can offer. Antoninias women will wear Antoninias and embody the message of self- love and equality the brand puts forward.


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