A B O U T   U S 


Explore the world of an empowered luxury beachwear and ready to wear collection. A brand that embraces the essence of the powerful woman, her purpose to be different, unique and to show their differentiations that inspire others to step forward and feel comfortable in their own skin too.


Each of our collections support the idea of sustainability and provide a luxurious and exclusive approach to beach wear and ready to wear. All of our pieces are made in limited edition and our multi-wear garment approach supports the idea of an ever-shifting, fashion conscious swimsuit. We want our ladies to feel, breathe and crave the exclusivity and craftsmanship that Antoninias brings while empowering them with the qualities of strength, uniqueness and self-awareness that define the modern woman.





T H E    B R A N D 


The inspiration for Antoninias was born alongside the founder, Antoninias and the unique path life had set out for her from the very start. Childhood illness inspired her to pursue a career in fashion, creating a brand that aims to show the unique beauty every woman possesses and empower them to be themselves no matter the opinions of others. Alongside spreading a message of empowering fashion, Antoninias has also had a long-standing goal of starting a non-profit organization that assists in aiding ill children while continuing to empower women from around the world. 




The founder is a designer from Slovenia. Finished her bachelor’s degree in fashion design in Slovenia then moved to London to London to finish her masters in Brand Management within luxury sector. Antoninias work is based on her observation of the world, nature and her inner thoughts and experiences. She gives a lot of attention to the woman and the woman body. Her designs carry a message of a strong, edgy woman which dares to dare.



In an effort to shine a light on these efforts and provide it with the resources it requires in making a difference, a percentage of all sales from Antoninias will be donated to the success of this organization. It’s the goal of the organization to create a global campaign that spreads awareness of equality, helps children to see a better tomorrow and encourages them to do best for the future of our world. Everyone is born equal and deserves a chance, and that is the core value behind this movement. In supporting this mission, Antoninias will be starting to share inspiring life stories from women across the globe and the diverse and empowering perspectives they can offer. Antoninias women will wear Antoninias and embody the message of self- love and equality the brand puts forward.




Transparency is one of our core values, therefore we are consciously sourcing and choosing materials that would be beneficial to the world by lowering the environmental impact of production. Discover more below.


E C O N Y L ®

Regenerative nylon, infinitely recyclable. Made from nylon waste that would otherwise pollute the Earth.




Giving a new life to high end materials in stock as opposed to having them end up as waste on landfills



All of our Hardware is made in Italy, our hardware is heat-sensitive to the skin and Nickel Free with protection against rust.


Read more about our sustainable practices here.


S O C I A L   R E S P O N S E B I L I T Y

Every single piece is ethically made. Most of our swimwear is produced in Croatia, by a small, family-run company, with over 20 years of experience in swimwear production. Our ready-to-wear collection is handmade in Slovenia, with each piece created with attention to detail by artisans using inherited techniques.