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Antoninias vision is to be as much sustainable and ethical as it can be. To do so we are trying to put certain practices in our supply chain and manufacturing.

Our garments are made using technologies that minimize waste since the apparel industry is one of the biggest waste-producing industries. Many are still not aware of how much material created in the apparel industry still ends up in landfills, due to trends changing . Therefore, we are always sourcing quality waste fabrics which we use to create our limited edition collection. Style should not be measured upon trends. Saying our colors will usually always vary from time to time due to sustainability purposes. The rest of waste fabric is always given to schools or organizations for their hobby purposes.

Locally designed, sourced and made

We only source our fabrics in Europe to maintain our goal of sustainability. This helps us to supports the Europe garment industry and also lowers our carbon footprint. Antoninias also proudly produces all products locally, by hand in Slovenia, Europe. Moreover, this gives us a bigger insight of where our textiles come to ensure the highest level of quality in our products.

Seasonless Collection

Our garments are free from the qualifications of traditionally seasoned collections. We assure that all garments can be worn all year around. Furthermore, we always design them in a way where they can be worn in many different occasions, daytime at a beach, afternoons at a beach bar combined with other pieces or in the evenings combined into a perfect evenings wear. Wearing seasonless and multifunctional close also helps to ensure that a wardrobe is comprised of less wasteful pieces.

Importance of Sustainable Fashion

Working towards a more sustainable lifestyle, which includes making educated choices about clothing is important for the future livelihood of our planet. Fast Fashion is a growing issue that affects our planet daily. The apparel industry is the second most polluting industry due to excess material that ends up in landfills as well as chemical waste from inefficient supply chains and manufacturers. By outsourcing to overseas manufacturers, it becomes more difficult to regulate quality, waste as well as worker’s rights. Engaging in sustainable fashion choices helps resolve these issues. Antoninias has also had a long-standing goal of starting a non-profit organization that assists in aiding ill children while continuing to empower women from around the world. In an effort to shine a light on these efforts and provide it with the resources it requires in
making a difference, a percentage of all sales from Antoninias will be donated to the success of this organization.