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Article: Few facts why you should buy your bikinis "GREEN" this summer

Few facts why you should buy your bikinis "GREEN" this summer - Womens Designer swimwear and beachwear │ Luxury swimwear and beachwear - Antoninias

Few facts why you should buy your bikinis "GREEN" this summer

The world is moving towards slow fashion, which is a positive sign. Nevertheless, we all know that buying sustainably is the only answer to a better future. Especially when it comes to buying clothes with plastic microfibers such as polyester, nylon, acrylic, polyamide...


This creation leaves a very harmful effect on our natural resources.

 Bikinis are usually made up of petroleum oil-based synthetic material which are problematic for many reasons. Oil is rapidly depleting natural resources and causing pollution. Every time we wash our bikinis or go into the water for a swim it sheds small plastic pieces called microfibers, which is ultimately leading to water pollution.

 We should opt for a bikini made out of recycled materials, thus lessening the impact on natural resources. Keeping all these things in mind you can see sustainable bikini brands popping up. 


Sustainable fashion is also known as slow fashion that is environmentally friendly by producing fewer new items. Quality is key here. When you opt for sustainable clothing, you get instant gratification of supporting the greater good of the planet. It also reduces the world’s water pollution, carbon emissions, and large amounts of waste. By opting for sustainable clothing you’re supporting fair labor practices.

 Using deadstock fabric is also a very important part of sustainable practices. Figuring out how to give a new life to materials as opposed to having them end up as waste on landfills might be a tricky thing to do for many companies as stock is not guaranteed. But creating limited-edition collections with quality deadstock materials might be a perfect solution for smaller brands. 

Extraordinary for smaller/fire up brands: As these textures are as of now in presence in a restricted sum, there is no base request amount (MOQ) required, making it incredible for littler style organizations (permitting them to purchase an assortment of textures) which can't put resources into monstrous amounts of texture ahead of time as they are as yet surveying clients requests. 


One of the serious issues with deadstock fabric is the absence of recognizability. As enormous amounts of fabrics are stacked in outlets, the texture's definite data can now and then be obscure. When there are no marks on the fabric, it tends to be hard to recognize what the fabric is produced using, where it originated from, or whether it is reasonably and morally inferred. The quality and properties will likewise be hard to recognize, for instance, purchasers should pose themselves some essential inquiries: will the fabric recoil? Is it breathable? Etc.


There are likewise moral components to consider. The deadstock in stores and outlets is accessible to buy by both moral and quick design brands. It is bought at an enormous limited cost however then fundamentally increased in cost under the mark 'eco' or 'vintage' by some moral brands. This can be deceiving and unreasonable to shoppers, who are getting tied up with a brand they see as practical and moral, particularly if the texture has not been reasonably determined



1.Our handmade products diminish material waste.

2.Our handmade products spare energy by lessening the carbon impression that would have been used in the creations of new materials. 

3.Buying restrictive scope of restricted release items = Exclusive, limited collections 



Locally designed, sourced and made
 While we are designing sustainable bikinis, tracksuit, and cover-ups, we are taking care of our mother earth.



Additional tips on how to take good care of your bikinis after purchasing them...

  • Hand-wash in cold soapy water.
  • Lay flat out to dry, out of direct sunlight.
  • Watch out for mold.
  • Don’t sit on it.


Nicely written by the author. Kudos 💯. Great job. 👍

Agam walia



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