Swimsuits are typically made from synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and spandex. These materials are durable and quick-drying, which makes them ideal for swimwear. However, these materials are also susceptible to damage from chlorine, salt water, and sun exposure. To prolong the life of your swimsuit, it’s important to care for it properly. That means washing it by hand in cool water with mild soap after each use. You should also avoid washing it with other clothing, as this can damage the material. If you follow these simple care instructions, your swimsuit will last longer and stay looking new. Plus, you’ll help reduce the environmental impact of the swimwear industry



Are you wondering whether you should hand wash or machine wash your swimwear? With a little bit of care, you can extend the life of your swimsuit so that it looks great for seasons to come. The key to maintaining your swimsuit is to avoid fabric-damaging practices, such as machine washing with harsh detergents, tumble drying on high heat, or using bleach. These will all break down the fabric of your swimsuit and cause it to lose its shape, color, and elasticity. Hand washing is the best way to clean your swimsuit and preserve its quality. Use a mild detergent designed for delicate fabrics and be sure to rinse well. Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric after washing.


The DOs of Washing Your Swimsuit

1. Do wash your swimsuit by hand in cool water with mild soap.

2. Do rinse your swimsuit thoroughly after each use.

3. Do wash your swimsuit in a mesh bag to protect it from damage.

4. Do hang your swimsuit to dry in a shady area.


The DON’Ts of Washing Your Swimsuit

1. Don’t put your swimsuit in the washing machine.

2. Don’t use hot water or harsh detergents to wash your swimsuit.

3. Don’t leave your swimsuit damp for long periods of time.

4. Don’t put your swimsuit in the dryer.



Can you wash our swimsuits with a washing machine?

Yes! At Antoninias 100% of our swimwear range is made out of recycled ECONYL yarns. Our Italian beachwear fabrics are OEKO TEX certified and can be machine washed without damaging the fabric. Hand washing is preferable, but washing machines are functional in our everyday lives or for a final washing at the end of summer. To machine wash your swimwear, select the most delicate program and avoid spin-drying them. 



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